Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration Services

Domain name registration is the process to get your internet name registered in the world wide web, so that no one else in the world shall be able register the same with the registered extension. It is like registering your company name physically in the Office of Companies Registrar, before starting a business. It is this domain name that identify you in the world wide web.

During the beginning of the internet era and world wide web, there were only three extensions available, namely .com, .net, and .org, which are termed as the TOP LEVEL DOMAINS or TLDs Although, there are lot of other domain extensions available today, the most preferred and the top TLDs are .com, .net, and .org only.

.com is usually used by Commercial organizations, .net by networking companies and .org is usually used by Non-profit organizations. However, due to non-availability of .com, people also use the other TLDs, irrespective of their nature of business/functions.

Also other domains extensions such as .in, which are country specific or regional domains specific to India, but can be used to register the domains if other TLD extensions are not available.

Similarly, lot of other country specific domains are available and we are offering the registration services of all the domains as listed in our website specific to domain registration. Please click here to register your domain now.

With us, you can be rest assured of quality and genuine price and continuity of the business.

How to choose a domain name:

Short and sweet names which are easy to spell is usually selected for registration. This could be your short company name, brand name etc. Short names are to easy remember and less likely to be misspelled than a long one. Please remember, it is your customers, patrons, friends and others who would be using the domain to send you mails, to visit your web site etc. Hence the name should be specific to your company name or brand name.

It is always a better idea to protect your brand identity by registering other extensions as well, as otherwise somebody may register it on their name, which can prove fatal to your brand identity. You can consider using other domains like .net,, .in, etc. If you do business internationally, it will not be a bad idea to register the country specific extensions also. (Please see the list for more country specific domain name registrations offered by us).