Our work is our passion and we create wonderful ideas, which works well for our customers, whether it is Search Engine Optimisation, Website Designing, Web Applications Development, Website hosting or anything we do!!

About Web-Krafts

Established about one and half decades back Web-Krafts Global Solutions is an Ahmedabad based IT and Web Services provider offering complete solutions to corporates of all sizes whether small, mid-sized or large.

Web-Krafts is a growing web solutions provider to the global market. We have a team of experienced, creative, innovative and professional specialists in website design and development, software development, mobile applications development and search engine optimization (SEO) and all other related fields in India.

The Company offers professional services in web site design, dynamic web site development with data base integration for any sort of applications on the web, e-commerce portals and the latest trend in web technology, the "responsive web design". Responsive designs are browser friendly for Desktop system, Laptop, Tablet or even a Smart Phone. With increasing use of Smart phones / Tablet day by day, the tendency to access the information on the move has increased manifold. Unless we change in tune with the time and technology, our competition will do the same and reap the fruits of their efforts.

Besides, a number of static web sites and dynamic content websites, we have also designed many "Responsive Design" websites, spanning various sectors like Engineering, Machinery Manufacturers, Dyes & Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Machinery manufacturers, Social organizations, Industrial Valve manufacturer, Pump manufacturers, capital equipment manufacturers etc. to name a few.

SEO or in other words Search Engine Optimization is one of our specialised services and we are doing SEO campaigns for a host of companies in various fields of businesses. Search Engine Optimization is a well thought out, meticulously planned and highly professional job, where in your site's position is refined to the first 10 to 20 positions in search results for a given key word / key phrase, which often runs into lakhs of entries. Without proper understanding of the subject, research and analysis, it is next to impossible to achieve the results in the top 10 or top 20 positions. Any listing above the first 20 listing or at the best top 50 is simply meaningless, as nobody who is searching for a product or service will not attempt to go beyond these results,. This means you will never be noticed by anybody, except those handful people who knows you. Without an SEO campaign, the net presence of any company is incomplete and will never be able to reap the fruits of their investment and efforts.

We have been offering our expertise in the field of SEO and many of our customers have reaped the fruits of their understanding about the importance of SEO and hired us to do the SEO campaign. Our SEO Services/Packages are neither too cheap nor too costly, as we don't belive in cheating customers by offering a dead cheap price and does not give any results. At the same time, we also don't believe in taking advantage of customer's ignorance about the subject and charging hefty sums for any of our services, including SEO. We deliver results, more that what we promise at an affordable cost and all our customers are satisfied with the results we deliver. Needless to say, that is one of the important reason for an almost 100% renewals years after years.

Web-Krafts also offers Offshore outsourcing for web-site designing, website development, Search Engine Optimization etc. at an affordable rate and have an established network.

Our Vision

To be one of the "most preferred" company for IT and IT enabled services in India.

Our Mission

Put in every single efforts to make our vision a reality, slowly but steadily. We believe in the fact that it is good to be important but it is more important to be good.

Why Web-Krafts:
  • More than One and half decades of existence in the field
  • Ethical business policy
  • Transparency in every phase of business practice
  • Customised Solutions

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